Comment from: Chodirin [Visitor] ·
Tell me please what is disadvantage and advantage of buying PDA phone?

09/29/10 @ 12:43
Comment from: muhyi [Member] Email
The advantage is that PDA is a mini computer. Practically, you can do almost anything in PDA as you do in a computer.

You can play games on PDA (just like I do), editing your files, replying your email, chatting, and so on.

There is no disadvantage of having a PDA. The only thing you would consider about PDA is the price, the manufacturer, and the type.

Hopefully this can be a help for you.
09/29/10 @ 12:53
Comment from: chodirin [Visitor] ·
Thanks for the quick answer. I will consider to purchase PDA next time. But I still confuse. I don't sure PDA is better than blackberry. With BB, we can connect with other people anytime, pushmail, and many other. Have the PDA ability them all?

10/02/10 @ 14:33
Comment from: Faiq [Visitor]
i have plan buy BBerry, but im still think twice, what blackberry still trend and useful on the future
10/21/10 @ 12:36

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